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Align sales and marketing to benefit business performance



Because too many companies still work with disconnected services which move forward in silos.


Realign business objectives, so that every action taken by marketing teams directly serves the interests of the salespeople. Because marketing efforts are above all made to help boost sales performance.


What’s the answer to this issue?

Offer an all-in-one tool to the marketing department, to enable them to build and structure effective campaigns. But also to enable salespeople to benefit from all the lessons learned during the campaign, and thus maximize the chances of conversion.


Drowser was born, and integrates features of choice

Drowser is above all a solution used by marketing teams. It therefore brings together a plurality of tools that have become essential for 3.0 marketers: Database exploitation, an integrated database, marketing automation, a builder of marketing devices, history by prospect, etc.

Drowser platform

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